Many people wonder what the difference is between an erotic massage and a tantric massage. Because although a priori there are those who may find it difficult to differentiate or that there are differences between one or another massage as both are relaxing massages, where to a greater or lesser extent, are included the sacred areas Lingam (men) Yoni (women) corresponding to the genital areas. So far it may seem the same, the use they make of the word “Tantric” to sell and give a certain exoticism to what is an erotic massage, we have the perfect mix to create this confusion.  This makes tantric massage almost exclusively related to sex or sexuality to the detriment of its more emotional and spiritual essence.

Erotic massage.

Erotic massage is defined by a relaxing and sensual massage throughout the body, including the genitals and where the purpose is pleasure, orgasm and ejaculation. The famous “happy ending” refers to manual stimulation.

A massage that, with total sincerity, has been and continues to be very necessary in today’s society where sexual repression, insecurities, fears and beliefs about sexuality still prevail, where sexual education is very poor, based on avoiding sexually transmitted diseases and little else, and where the psycho-emotional and affective deficiencies of most people make them unable to explore and live a healthy, full, satisfying and natural sexuality.

Therefore, there will be people who, due to their evolutionary level or the path travelled so far, need to experience even this more physical facet of sexuality. They still need to explore their desires and fantasies, free themselves from beliefs, fears, shames and taboos… or they just don’t know, they don’t know any other way to do it.

But then… why isn’t a massage that also includes massaging the genital area tantric?

Tantric massage.

Let’s start by clarifying some qualities that make a massage can be defined as tantric massage:

Tantric massage is a ritual that awakens and uses sexual energy to expand it throughout the nervous system, channeling it, above all, through the central channel Sushumna, harmonizing the chakras and purifying the energy channels throughout the body.

Depending on the different schools, currents or ways of Tantra, it will have other purposes such as connecting sexuality (second chakra) with love (fourth chakra), unblocking the Sacred Point (first chakra), ascending the Kundalini to Ajna (sixth chakra), learning to contain ejaculation and so on.

But its purpose is never pleasure in itself, orgasm or ejaculation, although it does not exclude it either.

The yoga of touch, or the empty touch of intention, is another of the qualities of tantric massage. Due to the great sexual repression we have suffered for hundreds of years, touching has become sexual. We avoid touching each other and when we do, normally, it is with some intention. In tantric massage there is no intention other than to connect with the heart and unconditional love and prevent one’s own judgments, moralistic beliefs and ultimately the ego of the person giving the massage from interfering during the session.

The combination of these two qualities makes each massage unique, different, personal and magical: the movement of sexual energy, breathing and conscious touch.

We can call it tantric massage, conscious, sensual, erotic, mystical, sensory… while it helps you to explore yourself, to go inside, to find your truth, to meditate and bring more consciousness to your unconsciousness… no matter what name is used.

The beauty and depth of tantric massage cannot be enclosed in a label, not even in that of “tantric massage”, because it goes beyond a simple massage, it is a mystical alchemy of two souls that meet to nourish each other, to merge into the non-dual love of Shiva and Shakti, the perfect existence between consciousness and energy.

In Savai’i Madrid we are unique with tantric and erotic massage, we want to transmit and make feel, so all our massages, whatever it is, has a HAPPY END.


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