Sensitive Massage in Madrid


Sensitive massage in Madrid

Sensitive massage, or also popularly known as Californian massage, is a technique in which the professional who performs the massage not only focuses on removing excess load from some of the muscles of our body. As its name suggests, it is about going a little further, connecting in some way with our inner self. It could be considered another form of meditation, as the environment created for the massage seems so.

It is obvious to say that each professional can interpret what needs to be done in a totally different way, but we are going to explain in a very brief way the most characteristic of this very special massage.

The first thing that the professional will do is to create a connection with our body, applying in a very soft way a series of movements along the whole body, with the objective of relaxing little by little the musculature.

Once we are relaxed enough, it is time to move on to the next level, in which the professional will use his thumbs to define the limits in which the massage will take place. Then, with the aim of going deeper, he will use the palms of the hands, the forearms and even the elbows, which will be very helpful to work the deepest muscles of our body.

Sensitive massage has a number of benefits that we will see reflected in ourselves very quickly. Obviously the speed with which we know if the massage has been effective or not will depend largely on the ailment that each person has, but as a rule is one of the most effective. Next we are going to describe in a very brief way all and each one of these benefits of which we spoke.

It relieves stress. We all have daily responsibilities that make us accumulate more and more tension every day. A sensitive massage every one to two weeks would be a very effective way to start a new adventure each week with full batteries of energy. In addition, it can be a very effective therapy for those who suffer from depression or who, for whatever reason, are unmotivated.

No more contractures. If we accumulate these tensions as a result of stress and do not remedy them in time, it is likely that we will begin to notice discomfort in certain parts of the body that, if not treated, will begin to produce pains that are sometimes unbearable.

It improves circulation. The stimulation of the muscles makes the blood circulation improve, facilitating the arrival of nutrients to the muscles and, on the other hand, eliminating the excess of toxic waste from them. In our sensitive massages all the muscles are worked, paying special attention to the penis, where very pleasant tensions are released.

Improvement of physical appearance. Receiving a sensitive massage clearly brings benefits, but not only internally. The fact that blood circulation and oxygen supply to the muscles increase will also be reflected physically, showing a slimmer and more defined muscle tone.

On a psychological level. Normally, when we go to receive a massage by a professional, it is because we have some kind of physical ailment that we want to solve. Many times we are not aware that this physical ailment partly reduces our emotional side, so receiving a sensitive massage can help us very effectively to free ourselves from all the stress accumulated in our day to day.

Sensitive massages in Savai’i are one of our specialties, creating a special connection with the masseur or masseur, really is a unique experience within tantric massages.

If you are willing or willing to receive the benefits that a sensitive massage can bring you and you have the possibility of approaching our centre in the centre of Madrid, we assure you that you will be a totally renewed person, both inside and out…


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