Tantric massage

At Savai’i we want to show you that not only is tantric massage a wonderful way to spend a few hours enjoying it in the hands of a professional tantric masseuse, but it also has numerous health benefits. It is clear that men and women are very different in physical appearance, but their bodies share some common themes when it comes to illness. Tantric massage can help certain conditions, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman.

The obvious benefit first is stress reduction. Stress cannot remain in a truly relaxed body. Tantric massage aims to relax every fiber of being and to truly eliminate stress thoroughly. The calm mental state that follows is going to last for a long time and the difficulties that must be treated afterwards can be looked at in a completely renewed way. A very important benefit of tantra is the healing of sexuality as far as it is concerned. Our body is very intelligent, and if it is not freely flowing and aligned, it is blocked as a sign of protection towards our own body, in a continuous state of tension, without us even realizing it. Authentic pleasure is only experienced when the sexual impulse is allowed without fears, taboos, false beliefs and unconscious blockages. It is there that tantra massage intervenes, healing our physical, energetic and emotional bodies through internal and external work. Awakening and unblocking all the knots and thus expanding the energy properly.

How else can we benefit from tantra?

Tantric massage also increases vitality and energy. This can help you participate in life with renewed passion. The acquired energy gives a youthful appearance to the person and this can undoubtedly slow down the aging process. The body is able to renew and repair itself more quickly and easily. In addition, life in general acquires a more pleasant insinuation.

A unique feature is that sexual problems can be overcome in both men and women with the help of tantric massage. Being more aware of the sensations in the body is a very liberating experience. The newly developed consciousness brings with it greater control. In addition, some of the techniques of lingam massage can help the man extend his love and delay orgasm. This can often be a permanent solution to this common difficulty.

The work of breathing is an integral part of tantra massage, this process can help in everyday life, especially when there is danger of feelings or emotions out of control. A destructive emotion such as anger can quickly diminish and more balanced feelings take their place. It uses control in a positive way which is useful to achieve a more pleasant solution and lower blood pressure throughout the body.

When the spiritual is in tune with the physical, they often feel happier, no matter what is happening in life. This joy allows you to more easily address life’s problems, this can be easily achieved through frequent and consistent practice of tantra massage.

In Savai’i, we want to help you get out of that monotony, activate you sexually and make you the most bearable days, our goal is the happiness of our customers, doing what we do best, tantric massages.

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